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A polished edge has a glossy finished look and is a better choice for visible pieces such as shelving or tabletops (flat polish is standard). A seamed edge is for safety and has an unfinished appearance which is ideal for non-visible pieces such as framed mirrors or a non-decorative piece. Beveled edges can go on mirrors or glass, and the width of the bevel is up to the customer. 

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Corners and Radius Types

If you prefer rounded corners on your glass, there are a few options shown to the left, however if you have a specific radius corner in mind we would need a pattern/template of the corner.

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Depending on your glass usage, you will need a specific thickness of glass.
1/16" is often used for light window repair such as in a garage.
1/8" is often used in framed mirrors, stationary windows or cabinet glass.
1/4" is often used for wall mirrors, and glass to protect existing furniture such as a tabletop.
3/8" is often used in shelving for heavy objects.
Glass heavier than 3/8", such as 1/2" is used as pieces of furniture.

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Insulated Glass

Depending on your window, you will have a single or double pane.
In a double pane window, the glass panes are spaced apart and then sealed which leaves an insulating air space.


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